Players Club – FAQs

1) How do I become a Double Bonus Club member?

– IMPORTANT: you MUST be referred by Sharpbettor to be eligible
– Click one our sportsbook links, sign-up, then deposit at the sportsbook that best fits your needs
– Tell the sportsbook that you came from or contact us
– Provide us with your sportsbook account number, so we can verify
– Click the JOIN button and become a Double Bonus Club member – and start collecting big rewards!

2) How do I tell the books that I came from

The simplest way is to use the links from our site to visit the sportsbook before signing up. These links are tracked, so the book will know you came from Pregame Action – and you can get credit. Also, on many sign-up forms they ask how you heard about them – you’ll want to say And, if you sign-up over the phone, you can tell them verbally.

3) How do I notify that I signed up with a sportsbook?

Simply email with the name of the book, and your account number (which is 100% safe since you’ll have your password secure).

4) After I notify you and them, how do I become a Double Bonus Club member?

It’s automatic! Just give us 72 hours to verify the info – and then you’ll be eligible for, and notified about, TONS of valuable rewards.

5) What kind of rewards will I get?

Premium picks for FREE from (up to many hundreds of dollars). Great swag such as T-Shirts and hats. Poker free roll tournaments. Exclusive jumbo bonuses. And more! Click here.

6) What if I signed up for a sportsbook through Pregame before you began this program?

Good news! – all sign-ups referred through Pregame, including those from before we started this program, qualify you for Players Club membership. Simply email now with the book’s name, and your username – and we’ll confirm your information and start your benefits.

7) Are all Double Bonus Club members equal?

One sign-up with any participating sportsbook – either past or present – grants you membership.

As a member your earn “Bonus Bucks” – which you can cash in for rewards.

Double Bonus Club Reward Chart
Join book without deposit $10 ( Referral)
Join book WITH deposit $100 ( Referral)
Old book deposit confirmed $30 (must be an account referred from Pregame)
Old book deposit confirmed $10 (from any site other than Pregame)
Deposits and Re-deposits $10 for every $100 above $500 (example: $1000 deposit gets $50)

8) What can I get with my Bonus Bucks?

The standard reward offer is: One (1) Bonus Buck = $1 worth of premium content, including picks, at (For example, one sportsbook sign-up with a $1000 deposit gets you $150 of content).

Additionally, you will have many other choices to cash in your stars, including T-Shirts, caps, tickets to major sporting events, and other cool merchandise & offers that will be promoted periodically.

9) Great! Do Players Club members benefit in other ways?

Yep! Many benefits will be available to all members, no matter how many or few stars you have.

Some benefits will be determined by how many total historical stars you’ve gained over the years (no matter if you’ve cashed them in or not). For example, some rewards will be available to only certain level of members (for example, $200 historical bonus bucks & above). Sometimes, your Bonus Bucks will determine your number of entries into various Players Club contests (for example, $300 bonus bucks would give you 30 entries).

10) Any other specials to look out for?

On special occasions we will be offering bonus bucks for certain actions . . . these occasions will be rare (the Players Club is a sweet deal already!) but be on the look out to really take advantage.

If you have any questions, email

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